Need some simple Primal Pattern® movement medicine to get more out of workouts in the gym?

This week, I want to share the Duck Walk, an exercise that’s good for athletes especially those who do mixed martial arts and wrestling and guys like me who get down really low to pick up heavy stones.

This exercise is so versatile, it’s really ideal for construction workers picking up heavy objects off the ground and even new Moms who are constantly picking up their kids.

I’ll show you how to get started by performing the Duck Walk with no weight, then with a 30-pound medicine ball. Start with no extra weight until you can do three one-minute sets before running out of gas.

The Duck Walk looks really simple — kids do this all day! — but you really need to be careful because it puts your body in a position of poor mechanical advantage and it works your muscles really hard.

If you’re not sure your knees and back are up to doing this exercise, look for a CHEK Professional near you at CHEK Connect.

Love and chi,