I don’t have to tell you the world we live in is a crazy one right now…

Our minds and bodies are so immersed in read-and-react mode, all of us — me included — begin to feel as if we’re a on treadmill to nowhere.

When we live in that headspace, it’s incredibly hard to feel connected to our true center and feel at peace about anything.

We’re so distracted by what our gadgets are spitting out at us 24/7 about perceptions of the world — some of them true, other ones not so much — we lose track of what’s really meaningful.

As a result, we feel programmed, robotic and numb. That’s not living…

In her book, The Four-Fold Way, the wonderful Angeles Arrien, describes four addictions humans have that block our path to peace:

  • A constant need to know.
  • Conforming to perfectionism.
  • Always finding something wrong.
  • Feeling bathed in conflict.

I’ll show you how to take the first steps toward feeling peace in your life, first by defining exactly what that means for you then engaging in activities to help you find your way in my video

There’s a lot of avenues you can choose to find your way back to inner peace, and I share a long list of suggestions in my video.

I spend a good portion of my video talking about the healing and peace that comes from drawing and making art.

I strongly believe the act of making art requires you to use your hands and mind and heart to create a roadmap that helps you discover the pathway to peace.

Love and chi,