It’s been fun for me to watch how functional exercise has exploded, considering I was the only guy out there teaching people about this very same thing a quarter-century ago!

Many years ago, people were obsessed with using exercise machines, although they were a really bad idea when it comes to how the human body functions.

Nowadays, however, lots of people have jumped into functional exercise even though they don’t have the inner-awareness and haven’t gone through the preparation stages of restoring flexibility in their bodies and regaining optimal stability, then developing the core strength and basic strength levels needed for most general fitness programs.

Fact is, they really need to start there before moving into specific sport-specific strength training.

Instead, we have many programs like CrossFit β€” sports-specific training techniques with high speed and technical movements β€” that are often taught and performed by people with very little knowledge of biomechanics, kinesiology and related sciences.

In my video, I’ll show you how inner-awareness development is critical in helping you do things like lifting weights in the gym, and why what you learn in the gym must support what you do away from it to perform basic movements.

You’ll learn a technique that will enhance not only your balance but your sense of inner-awareness by monitoring how a weight held in your hand changes your center of gravity.

When I work with athletes or patients, I start this process with a Swiss ball and very light weights. For this video, I’m demonstrating this in my rock circle to show you how this inner-awareness can be the difference between creating something fun and possibly getting hurt or killed.

Love and chi,