Self-sabotage can be a debilitating disorder that undermines our big dreams, our bigger hopes and our wide-open futures. Right now, however, many of us aren’t even aware that our minds are working overtime behind the scenes to hijack our goals before we even have a chance to begin to achieve them.

How do we defeat a force so destructive, yet so vital to feeding our own deepest fears?

In our previous interview, CHEK Faculty Member Jator Pierre discussed some of the difficulties people face when striving to achieve their goals, with self-sabotage being one of the toughest obstacles to overcome.

Although Jator believes the reasons humans self-sabotage their lives are infinite, their roots come from a pretty common place: An emotional neediness starting during our formative years that never really gets resolved. In fact, neediness and self-sabotage reinforce each other quite nicely, Jator says, as some sort of twisted “team” that prevents us from achieving our greater selves and killing our dreams.

So, if the roots of self-sabotage are so engrained in all of us, how do we stop these internal patterns of self-defeat once and for all?

In our latest interview, Jator offers two very important questions to ask yourself when you believe self-sabotage is a real problem in your development and how to move forward by making “a guess.”

“Defeat Self-Sabotage By Answering These Essential Questions” Audio File:

As with our previous interview, Jator really covered a lot of ground, so if you the chance to meditate what he’s saying, please download the audio file below and listen to it whenever you like:


Download “Defeat Self-Sabotage By Answering These Essential Questions”