If you listen to my Living 4D podcast regularly, you already know how much I love JP Sears and how much he means to me and the CHEK Institute.

Not only was JP a student and CHEK Faculty Member, he developed exercises like the Kettlebell Crawl I’m sharing in this week’s video.

The Kettlebell Crawl is inspired by the Reptilian Crawl and Bear Walk, two simple infant development exercises I shared with you recently.

In my video, I’ll show you how to perform the Kettlebell Crawl, first with dumbbells to help you do it properly before graduating to a more advanced level with kettlebells.

As always, start slow and steady and be sure to perform this exercise with the proper technique. If you try to rush things, you may learn to perform this exercise with poor technique and teach your body move incorrectly at a very deep level.

Simple movements done incorrectly from the get-go can be very difficult and more time-consuming to correct!

To get started, move the kettlebells or dumbbells forward in one direction (no more than 25-30 feet), and work toward moving backward when you’re stronger.

And, take it slow…

Love and chi,