You are what you eat! You are what you donโ€™t excrete!

If you get nothing more out of this blog and video than these two ideas, Iโ€™ve made you start thinking about your core values regarding Dr. Diet.

Your diet plays a HUGE role in your mental, physical and emotional well being, as I outline in my e-book, The Last 4 Doctors Youโ€™ll Ever Need, so it really needs to be one of your core values.

For me, that means eating all of the organic foods that I can get my hands on. However, if youโ€™re relying on labels of certification to warn you which foods are organic or not, DONโ€™T.

The organic label is such a huge smokescreen for large corporations (even candy companies). Most certifications are owned by major food producers only interested in selling you their products, certainly not your health.

In my video, Iโ€™ll share techniques you can use to discern the differences and some tips to start the process of cleaning up your diet and your health.

Love and chi,