Before you hit the play button on this video, I want you to think about this one thing for a moment or two: Awareness is the prerequisite for change.

Why is this concept so important? If you’re unaware of the opportunities that are available to you or the ones you are capable of creating, it’s very unlikely you’ll ever change your behaviors.

Ultimately, this means living every day as if it was Groundhog Day and that can be quite stressful if you keep looking in the mirror and seeing a person — someone who’s working in a job or participating in relationships with others — you really don’t like very much.

I’ll share a model on the blackboard in this video that describes how critical awareness really is to your overall existence and achieving your dreams.

In relation to your core values, the subject of this series, awareness helps you define them via the 4 Doctors.

I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to work on awareness, especially when it comes to knowing the difference between your wants and needs and developing your core values.

Awareness is a component of our self, the sentient being within us who knows it has a body and recognizes its wants (I want a partner, a job, something to eat).

The other key point I’d like for you to think about as you watch this video: Living in awareness helps you make choices that are dream-affirmative, so you aren’t living in that nightmarish Groundhog Day existence and you’re moving closer to where you really want to be…

Love and chi,