I’ve given this a fair bit of thought. What you’re about to read is informative at a rational level, but my invitation to you is to try to envision this as a mirror. A chance to just breathe, take your time to venture into your self, and truly visit those beautiful inner landscapes that only you can access.

Since you’ve made it here, you’re probably interested in joining the CHEK Academy.

Let me say Congratulations! regardless of your decision. The mere fact that you are reading this right now is evidence that you are searching, that you are looking into the possibility of bettering yourself and improving the lives of those around you. Thank you for not settling, not stopping and not falling into the many traps we all encounter throughout our journeys.

Change comes from powerful ideas, especially on a global scale, but no idea is a force unto itself. Ideas need action and it is people like you who bring such ideas to fruition. And for that, again, I am so grateful for you.

Now, is there important stuff you need to consider before joining the CHEK Academy?

There is, but I hope that my approach will be more revealing to you than the information itself. Most people would choose to showcase the features and benefits of their courses, list how they compare to other programs and pump it all up with some juicy marketing fluff. As if an authentic learning experience is some sort of gadget that you can assess in terms of specs or… horsepower.

You can find most of the details regarding CHEK Academy programs and yearly curricula HERE, so there’s no need for me to duplicate it here.

This is another type of mirror…

Belonging versus being involved

Whether we’re discussing personal growth, health, nutrition, athletic performance, happiness or any other indicator of human well-being, when anyone hits a ceiling in their health, growth or performance, frustration is right around the corner, ready to take hold.


Well, every story reveals a new answer, every single time, and I believe that is an essential point. Offering one-size-fits-all solutions to incredibly nuanced and specific situations is not an option, not if you genuinely want to help people.

That was the simple, yet powerful insight that brought me to the holistic principle which governs my entire life’s work. You can read more about it HERE, but, in the most straightforward words, I have made it my mission to heal the world, one person at a time. I focus on developing a holistic understanding of every single person I help and apply the tools that I have created along the way in a truly personalized manner.

You can imagine the frustration I felt when I realized, time and again, that, even if I had developed effective practices, I would need a million lifetimes to help the world, one person at a time. You can see where I’m going with this: I needed to build a school. Better yet, an Academy.

Now, do you belong here? Of course you do. I can say that honestly because the same principles that govern my practice are also the overarching principles of the CHEK Academy. You are as unique as the people you are aiming to help. Back from the top, then, right?

There is no one-size-fits-all learning program, and we wouldn’t try to enforce one, even if we are keen on following a clear curriculum. So, we’ve developed a group mentorship program that addresses individual needs. We focus first on the students we are teaching, and only then on the disciplines conveyed by the program.

So you belong, no question about it! However, belonging and being involved are not the same thing. Remember, this is a mirror. The fact that you belong here is sort of an unsigned check, and it means very little without your willingness to get involved beyond the listed minimum yearly requirements.

I don’t mean involvement in terms of time spent here but in terms of presence. Six, seven hours a week? Is that all you can give it? No problem, but spending those hours in the moment, truly being here, will make a world of difference.

I feel like I don’t need to say this, but I am going to anyway… Don’t just belong, be involved, and I promise you, we will achieve more than you can imagine.

Three CHEK Academy Pillars

I take pride in the elite learning environment we’ve created, one that’s designed to produce the world’s most elite holistic health and performance professionals. I teach teachers, but the CHEK Academy is much more than a school for health and fitness professionals.

My goal is to inspire every Academy student to think differently and question commonly held beliefs in the industry while building and sustaining their own practice.

Three essential components reside at the heart of the CHEK Academy and ensure excellence from day one to graduation day:

1.The world’s most advanced training structure: CHEK Academy certifications are so highly regarded in the industry due to the level of detail CHEK Practitioners explore with each client or patient.

2. Peer accountability and group mentoring: The CHEK Academy group mentorship program brings like-minded individuals together to share and shape ideas and enjoy their evolution together.

3. A complete business solution: You can’t take two concepts like business and holistic health coaching and just smash them together. We have developed a model that works well for the CHEK Practitioner, so that your business gains an instant edge.

It’s up to You!

Have you stared into that mirror, wondering what it will show you further down the line? Wondering, furthermore, how it all fits together?

Sign up now.

I will be here for you.

Love and chi,