CHEK Academy Insights | Stress-Free Business During the COVID-19 Pandemic

One way or another, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused massive changes in our lives. I know how hard it is to calibrate your life in times like these, but this too shall pass, and the world will move on. 

What we need now is a better way to cope with the overwhelming amounts of stress that this turbulent time has created. 

How do we do that? How do we return to all the good, healthy habits we once established and get back into a rhythm?

Well, the problem lies in the bigger picture and the broader context of the matter. 

In reality, the pandemic is nature’s wakeup call. Returning to a life based on our innate wisdom – the wisdom our bodies share with us every day – is the way to move forward.

What we need is a (r)evolution in how we treat health and fitness overall. Focusing on holistic wellness – that includes, mental, emotional, spiritual AND physical fitness as a whole -is key to living healthy lives and having stronger immunity. As health and fitness professionals, it’s our job to make that possibility a reality by adapting our businesses and training. 

Stress Factors and Stress Management in 2020

Building an integrated health and performance business from the ground up requires a vision – in my opinion, that’s the vision of healing the world, one person at a time. 

The mind, body, and spirit must always coexist in a state of alignment and balance. Nothing can disrupt that balance quite the way fear can. Fear of the disease, worries about job security, and the abrupt standstill of everyday services create a lot of stress and that’s understandable.

So we need to do our best to calm those fears and manage the stresses when they arise. Learning those skills will truly save people from losing sleep, suffering through depression, or making their existing health conditions worse. And this is exactly why I designed the Chek Academy to provide health and fitness professionals with an extensive stress-management toolbox – it’s an essential component of holistic lifestyle coaching. 

The Unique Adaptability of Chek Professionals

We don’t just teach Chek Professionals the essentials of my approach to holistic health and fitness. We also show them the fundamentals of fulfilling their own unique businesses visions. My vision of changing the world begins with leading my students, and it carries on forward to their clients. 

The Chek System focuses on training the body and the mind as a whole, in harmony with nature. Focusing on every tiny detail allows my students to unleash their hidden potential and see the bigger picture more clearly than ever. We take in limited amounts of clients to ensure extreme focus because I believe that educating you in diet, anatomy, exercise, program design, coaching, communication and business success requires precision, especially now.

I designed the Holistic Lifestyle Coaching and Integrated Movement Science programs to revolutionize the health sector. It needed it (and still does)! Our extremely individualized training is purposefully designed to create stronger, more resilient clients. And it works – once you see the approach work, I am pretty sure the pandemic won’t seem that threatening.

CHEK Academy Program Solutions 

It’s my hope that the technical knowledge imparted to Chek Academy students is the stepping stone to the new era of holistic health practice. The business coaching should make that journey for each of my students both enjoyable and successful – that coaching is all about developing and growing YOUR unique business. Put that coaching to work and it will help you to create a meaningful and profitable business – a business that you can be proud of.

Everything we teach can be put to great use, even in this time of Zoom and Social Distancing. I do it, Angie (my wife) does it and I know many of my students and faculty members are still thriving. You can too.

That’s in part because we invest a lot of time and effort into ensuring our students learn the essentials of setting up their professional practice, with the goal of turning them into leaders in the healthcare industry. 

It’s been such a gratifying experience to watch those future leaders growing together. I think that’s part of the magic of the Academy as well – everyone is learning alongside like-minded individuals in the community. That kind of support promotes rapid growth and progress on your personal mission. 

So if you see the need for a true (r)evolution in the way we approach health and human performance and you want to be part of it, then I invite you to become a member of the Chek Academy! Registration is open `till the end of October! 

Let’s heal the world, one person at a time.

Love and chi,

Photo by Kate Trifo on Unsplash