Carrying Foods When You Work or TravelHow much time did you spend this morning to get ready for work, a meeting or traveling (for fun or your job)? One of the things you probably took for granted was what you’d be eating or drinking along the way to your final destination.

When you’re rushed for time and don’t have easy access to nutritious foods and clean water, what do you do? You’re forced to get by on what’s readily available, meaning “quick” packaged, junk foods that contain next to no nutritional value.

In the long run, you’re not saving money or time on these “quick” solutions, and you’ll probably spend much more on dealing with a very long list of chronic health issues (skin, digestive or cognitive problems, constipation, inflammation) too.

Taking care of yourself really isn’t hard to do. In doing so, you’re cutting down on the consumption of garbage, chemicals, plastics and a long list of other things that are toxic to the entire planet, not just to you.

In my video, I’ll give you a quick look at some tips I share with my students, clients and anyone who needs this kind of help. It’s the simple things we can do that not only give us food, but good nutrition that helps us manage our blood sugar.

When we don’t maintain steady blood sugar levels, we go into quick crisis modes, reaching for whatever we can get our hands on and, often, eating more than we really need.

I’ll briefly discuss seven different kinds of foods you should carry and how to package them safely for short trips and long journeys (avoiding cheap plastic containers coated with harmful chemicals).

Love and chi,