Best of the CHEK Blog Part 2: GoalsAs this year has flown by to its inevitable end, it’s time to look at your 2017 goals. How did they go?

In the final part of our year-end series of posts that feature some of our most popular blogs from the past 12 months (previously we discussed exercise, nutrition, and goals), Paul and CHEK Faculty Members Warren Williams and Jator Pierre offer expert advice on various aspects of setting goals, including time management, finding a purpose and creating new habits.

These posts will be aΒ great way to help you set your 2018 goals as well!

Time Cannot Be Managed

Do you feel your day is full before it starts? In this video, Paul shares some of the philosophies of Paul Nightingale as he explains why time cannot be managed, but the activities that fill up your day can be.

Learn from Paul how to get the most out of your time by managing your activities.

Do You Really Need a Purpose in Life?

When you don’t have a purpose in life, people try to fill in those blanks for you. In this video, Jator shows you why one way of looking at things doesn’t fit everyone and why you should perceive yourself as being incredible right now.

Listen to Jator explain why “one size doesn’t fit all” when it comes to finding your true purpose.

The Habit is Fixed, But Needs Changing

How do you begin to break old habits and replace them with new ones? Warren explains his six-step process for forming new and improved habits and his “crystal ball” tool that helps clients recognize their bad habits by walking through their consequences.

Struggling to make changes in your life? Learn Warren’s “crystal ball” tool that helps you recognize bad habits and change them.

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