Best of the CHEK Blog Part 3: EmotionsThe holiday season is often an emotional one. And with lots of Christmas parties and odd schedules, our sleep and diet aren’t always quite on point to balance them out.

No worries though!

In the third part of our year-end review of posts that feature some of our most popular blogs from the past 12 months (previously we discussed nutrition and exercise), Paul shares some techniques in a trio of videos that will teach you how to bring more emotional balance in your life, especially during the stressful holiday season.

Chi Circles: Simple Tai Chi For Everyone

Have you wanted to learn tai chi but didn’t know where to start? Paul shows you how to do chi circles, a very simple form of tai chi that requires no memorization and makes you focus on proper breathing and being aware of the space around you.

Watch this video to avoid the hassles of learning tai chi.

Embracing Silence Meditation

Paul shares a simple but powerful meditation technique that embraces silence and enhances your ability to create order within and around yourself.

Learn how to use silence meditation to enhance your ability to think creatively.

Breathing and Movement Integration

Breathing is the human body’s most important autonomic function. The origin of many health problems — including unresolved mental and emotional issues — start with breathing pattern disorders.

Take a deep breath, then learn how to breathe for good mental and physical health.


Best of the CHEK Blog Part 3: Emotions