Best of the CHEK Blog Part 2: NutritionWith the holiday season in full swing, how is your relationship with the foods you eat regularly? Are you staying on the right track or struggling to stay healthy?

As the end of 2017 approaches, there’s no time like the present to hit the reset button and learn how to improve your body and health via mindful eating.

In part two of our month-long review of popular posts over the past 12 months on the CHEK Blog (last time we discussed exercise), Paul, William Wolcott (creator of the Metabolic Typing Diet) and CHEK Faculty Member Jator Pierre take on food challenges, trendy but detrimental diets and gut health.

Ketogenic Diets and The Sheeple

The ketogenic diet is one of the latest health fads, but is it a healthy one? Paul and William team up to discuss diet mania and why the latest “fad” doesn’t measure up to eating based on your body’s individual needs.

You won’t be chasing diet fads after reading this expose by Paul and William Wolcott.

Why Batman Has a Leaky Gut

The human gut is one of the hottest topics in health at the moment, but are we ignoring the larger picture? Jator explains why the gut isn’t a separate part of one’s body, but part of a far bigger whole.

Learn about the crucial role that the gut plays in overall human health from Batman.

How Do I Eat to Meet My Ancestral Needs

How do you define healthy eating? It’s more important for your health to “listen” to what you body tells you.

Watch this video to better understand what healthy eating really means for your body.