Best of the CHEK Blog Part 1: ExerciseThe past year has flown by like a whirlwind, especially on the CHEK Blog. Along the way, we’ve featured an array of topics offering tips and guidance to help you improve the quality of your health and your life, and pass that knowledge along to your clients.

The holiday season is a natural time to take a look back at the year that was and what we might’ve missed.

So, through the end of the year we will be featuring a series of posts highlighting some of our most popular blogs from the past 12 months in four specific categories: Exercise, nutrition, emotions and goals.

In part 1, we’re highlighting three articles in which Paul discusses some of the fine points of exercise, covering readiness, form and awareness of breathing.

Are You Ready For Exercise Today?

When you meet with clients are they really ready for a workout? In this video, Paul and Angie demonstrate some simple modifications you can make to help to determine your client’sΒ stress levels and whether they can handle the workout you’ve prepared for them.

Watch how a simple test shows you if your client is ready to exercise.

How to Do The Swiss Ball Crunch

The Swiss Ball Crunch is an exercise with lots of potential, and it’s a better, safer option for your clients than plenty of other exercises, but many people do it incorrectly. Paul provides some specific guidelines to help your clients perfect their technique and help them avoid common problems he sees regularly in the gym.

Read Paul’s advice about the Swiss ball so you can maximize your results with the tool.

The String of Breath and Awareness

It’s so easy to take the simple act of breathing for granted, but a simple inverted pattern can affect your posture and restrict the amount of oxygen your body receives as you exercise. In this video, Paul demonstrates how small pieces of string and tape can help you correct breathing problems quickly and improve your ability to exercise.

See how a simple string can help you correct your clients’ basic problems.

Best of the CHEK Blog Part 1: Exercise