How often do you really listen to your body in regard to exercise?

Do you ignore the lack of rest (maybe even skip a meal) just to check off that box on your schedule?

I’ve seen too many people endure health crises and just about anything you can imagine and still be very consistent β€” and rigid β€” with their exercise regimen.

What’s wrong with this picture?

A common problem I see regularly, not only among competitive athletes but everyday people, is that push to work too hard and ignore what their bodies are telling them.

So how do you do approach moderation in ways that allow you to get the exercise you want but not tap your body out both physically and mentally that it defeats the purpose of doing it altogether?

The theme of this video is built around one of the original universal principles developed by Arnold Patent: Anything done out of a sense of need or obligation is inappropriate. Anything done out of a sense of peace and love is appropriate.

If you have rigid ideas about any exercise program you follow, this concept will sound very counter-intuitive.

This is why I encourage you to watch this video with an open mind, so you can look at exercise not as a thing you must do, but as a means to engage and connect with your inner self.

Most gyms have lots of options to help you create better body-mind connections, and I’ll show you some I use in my own gym!

Love and chi,