Balancing Your Emotions The Native American WayWith all of the changes in our constantly challenging world, I recognize that people’s emotions are up and down due to poor diets, countless lifestyle issues and the stress of daily living.

Unlike most “experts,” I feel the first step toward emotional healing is to stop thinking and start feeling. Unfortunately, many of us tend to avoid, bury or medicate our emotions.

After we finally realize that avoidance and medication don’t work, that’s when we do something about our emotional turmoil. But, in our head-dominant, intellectual culture, often, that means taking courses.

That’s why you may have noticed the flood of literature, classes, workshops and online training programs in the self-help marketplace geared to address emotional healing.

In my experience, however, taking this path leads to a “perpetual intellectualism,” until people are ready to allow themselves to feel and rise above their personal obstacles so they can gain greater insights and more lasting, health-affirming solutions.

Thought I’d share a technique I use to help me manage my emotions better and keep me centered and grounded, so I can handle the daily challenges I face and deal with the stress of being a busy, productive man and having a family.

In my work as a Medicine Man and Spirit Guide (Shaman), I test many approaches so I can experience and understand how to apply them with my students and clients. For many years, one of the most powerful tools I’ve used is simply taking time to be with myself and rattle.

The rattle is a beautiful Native American healing tool. Many people say the energy from a rattle is very much like rain in that it washes the pain away, and helps us find more clarity within ourselves.

Join me in this video for a brief rattle healing session that you can use for meditation. All you have to do is listen. Turn up the volume so you can feel the rattles working within you (that’s more important than watching me in this video).

If you feel better, buy some Native American rattles and start practicing. That’s the first step toward healing.

Love and chi,