Acceptance is a critical part of the healing process, something I talked about in part 1 of my series about the Seven A’s as described by Dr. Gabor Mate in his amazing book, When The Body Says No: Understanding The Disease Stress Connection.

You have to accept the need to heal, so you can begin to do the work to create a sense of wholeness and an environment in which better health can flourish.

For acceptance to have a chance of working at all, possessing a sense of awareness is a must, the focus of part 2 of my Seven A’s series. Otherwise, you’re living an unconscious life that can become so much a part of your norm you don’t realize you’re even doing it.

Living that unconscious life of suppressing or repressing problems, however, doesn’t mean they aren’t harming you mentally and physically.

Also, this repression and the strongest emotional associations connect to everything and everyone in your environment, creating the opportunity for what’s called a complex set of emotionally charged associations.

In Jungian psychology, these obstacles can manifest as an artificial intelligence or personalities of their own. What this means, for example, is that you may act differently with your friends and partner than you do with your parents or siblings.

To better appreciate what awareness really means for you, your health and your emotions, imagine the word spelled as a-whereness, a feeling of being present in the world around you. Where you are and what’s happening to you right now…

So how do you get in touch with your awareness?

Later on in my video, you’ll learn about a very simple model I teach in my Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need ebook that will teach you simple ways to promote better self-awareness.

Repression also resides at the heart of anger, the next of the Seven A’s we will tackle soon… stay tuned!

Love and chi,