Do you have a realistic and healthy sense of your self?

For part 4 of my Seven A’s of Healing series, I want to talk about autonomy, an important quality someone possesses when they’re in touch with who they are.

A person who has autonomy knows what their needs are and how they can meet them effectively.

Unlike the Seven A’s we’ve explored so far, however, there’s a fine line to be drawn with autonomy.

Having too much of it can create problems because you probably won’t know how to ask for help when you really need it.

Not having enough autonomy leads to codependency, a state in which you need people to do things to make you happy. What’s more, you don’t feel very comfortable sharing how you really feel… about anything.

Branching out of my discussion about autonomy, I discuss the five choices people must make in any relationship in order to make it work.

You’ll also learn why having a clear dream for your life is so important for creating autonomy. (Without a dream, there’s no reason or inspiration for you to create better health or happiness.)

Just another reminder, that if you’re getting a lot of value from this series and want to do more exploring, do yourself a favor and grab a copy of Dr. Gabor Mate’s excellent book, When The Body Says No: Understanding The Disease Stress Connection, the basis for this series.

Love and chi,