I bet you know someone who has a lot of fixed ideas about what they and others around them should be doing at any given moment during the day. Everything has to go just the way they planned it, or else…

When things start going awry for these people, like encountering an unexpected traffic jam on the way to an important appointment, you’ll often see them acting out badly, as if they controlled the flow of life.

There’s important decisions to be made when you face with these unexpected inconveniences. You can get angry and act out negative programming from the past. That’s the easy way out many people use, but it’s definitely not a dream-productive approach.

The alternative — the subject of my video —  is learning how to embrace the pause and handle these situations in healthier, more creative ways.

I explain how negative programming triggers an overstimulated sympathetic nervous system and why that has serious repercussions for our health.

Also, I share four simple strategies that can guide you more effectively, in order to help you embrace the pause and learn from it.

Love and chi,