Image courtesy of Raymond Shobe via Flickr.Think of your body like an electrical circuit or conductor.

Just as a water hose conducts water, the body or any electrical circuit conducts charges and if those charges do not flow effectively, you have increased resistance to flow, resulting in pressure. Just as too much pressure in a hose or pipe can blow the hose or pipe, too much charge trapped in a body creates a wide variety of negative electrical effects due to factors such as capacitance, resistance, amplification in some circuits, and resulting inhibition of others, leading ultimately to a variety of systems going haywire…producing CHAOS!

Thatโ€™s a simplified basis for grounding technology. Itโ€™s a way to allow accumulated electromagnetic pollution to flow out of your body.

I often get questions about grounding mats that many people use to help purge their body of excess electromagnetic charge.

Hereโ€™s what I tell people that question the importance of grounding.

Imagine that the sewage in your toilet were ELM pollution, and you kept putting more waste in the toilet without flushing it. Your body would then not only be affected by the pollution in general, but the combined effect of progressively greater and greater toxic overload. When you flush the toilet (grounding yourself), the waste moves through you, decreasing the energetic and toxic burden.

Your body, when not grounded, becomes akin to a battery that gets progressively more and more charged. The cells of the human body operate at extremely low voltages and amperages, but as a person’s body gets more and more chemical (chemicals all carry “charges”) and ELM pollution that can’t be dissipated “in circuit” with the earth via grounding, the overall charge within the body goes progressively up and up…. This can be seen and experienced as:

  1. More rapid thinking
  2. Increased muscle tension
  3. Progressively higher load on the adrenal system leading to elevated cortisol levels in response to the overall elevation in charge, and toxicity, and elevated levels of hormone disruption
  4. Inflammation, all of which contribute to, and often cause:
    1. Digestion, absorption, assimilation and elimination challenges
    2. Emotional instability. The cells of the body feel as though they are under attack….dying, which triggers distress signals via the ANS and other sensory pathways
    3. Fatigue, radically increasing the likelihood that people will eat processed sources of “quick energy” and all the drugs (like caffeine and white sugar…)
    4. Overload of the immune system
    5. Higher levels of food intolerance and environmental sensitivity, which greatly enhances the number of drugs being purchased over the counter at drug stores and given by prescription from physicians

The fact of the matter is that there are far too many charges passing through all of us. Remember that itโ€™s important not to let those charges to become trapped in the body and this is exactly why grounding can be important to your health.

There are a couple other factors worth considering in regards to grounding:

1. Elevated ELM pollution (or charge) in the body changes the level of charge within the water and membranes of the body.

The average person today has toxic levels of over 200 chemicals that do not belong in the body. Because all chemicals are created from, and respond to, electrical charges, there is a high probability that, “new chemicals are being formed within the milieu of the bodyโ€. Some researchers have suggested that the recombination and creation of chemicals exposes the body and liver to “chemicals never before seen in nature.โ€ The body has no systems to break such chemicals down, leading to more and more chemicals being stored in fat.

Eventually, the accumulation of excess body fat leads to the release of inflammatory agents, breaking the fat down (as is common in people who are obese for example). When this occurs, at any level and anywhere in the body, the toxic chemicals begin to leak into the surrounding fluids and are transported through the body. Now, they can begin disrupting the function of every tissue and system in the body.

This is one reason so many people today are diagnosed with a very complex symptom profile that gets labeled a “syndrome.” Whenever a doctor uses the word “syndrome” in a diagnosis, such as “chronic fatigue syndrome,” it essentially means that the physician has no idea what the hell is causing the problem!

Such people are very challenging to actually diagnose because the symptom overlap is so great that it looks like it could be any number of diseases all occurring at the same time. Worse, the treatment approach for one disease fitting such symptoms can be very antagonistic to any of the other diseases that fit the profile just as well. This explains why so many people put on any number of supplements or drugs by their medical professional actually get much worse.

2. ENERGY. Many of the challenges we face today with both chemical (food, drinks, and drugs) and electrical technologies have to do with application of energy to the body based on physics (a physical science). But the body is a “bio-physical” construct/organism:

  • Energy in physics is the capacity to do work.
    This concept can be seen all around you. For example, how many people think, “I’m tired, so I’ll just (add energy by) drinking coffee, Red Bull, Monster, or 5 Hour Energy, or taking drugs.โ€ And sure enough, they do experience temporary energy increases, but the increases come at a very high cost, particularly with chronic use because the body isn’t a machine. It is a biological construct. When we look at what energy represents in a biological system, or what it means to a farmer we see:
  • Energy in biology is the capacity to create order – to prevent chaos from being the dominant force.

So it all comes down to the concept of energy and its influence on a biological system โ€“ our physical work potential (energy in physics) is of lesser importance here. Whatโ€™s truly important is the capacity to create order and to prevent chaos from being the dominant force. All disease states are expressions of chaos at large.

This why, in a nutshell, grounding is essential.

If you read The Body Electric by Robert O. Becker, MD, you can get a better understanding of what is actually happening to people in the environment we’ve created by being complacent with all relevant issues.

Beyond a grounding mat, using the zone exercises in my book How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy! or practicing tai-chi or Qi-going exercises is a very good practice for helping balance the energetics and hormonal system in a toxic, stressful world today.

I hope that gives you a deeper insight into one of the lesser known aspects of our health and well-being!

(Photo courtesy of Raymond Shobe under Creative Commons. License.)