CHEK Academy Insights | Answering Your Questions

Ever since we started the CHECK Academy’s application period, we’ve received a number of questions that I want to answer as thoroughly as possible. 

I’ve personally read each question and concern and have put together a list of the most common ones. 

I think what I’ve written should address those questions and concerns, , but if you have additional questions after reading this article, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. 

Before I get started, here’s a quick reminder –  we are accepting applications until October 31st, or until all of the spots are filled. So if you’d like to join, I advise you to apply as soon as possible. 

To do so, just click the following link and fill out the form:


1. What kind of support system is available to CHEK Academy students?

Answer: We offer monthly group mentorship calls for each year of the Academy. These calls are devoted to covering key points from the month’s learning objectives and answering students’ questions. Group mentorship calls are led by CHEK faculty members or CHEK Institute CEO Gavin Jennings, depending on the topic.

We also run a private, dedicated CHEK Academy Facebook group for CHEK Academy members to discuss course materials, network with each other, refer clients, etc.

Once an Academy member has completed their first ATP (HLC1), they can join in monthly CHEK Professional Q&A calls. These calls are hosted by CHEK faculty members—I, myself, host at least two of these  calls each year. The calls are set aside purely for CHEK Professionals to ask questions about clients, their businesses, course material, etc.

Additionally, after our Academy students complete their first ATP, they can join in monthly professional development webinars. These webinars are often created by faculty on a very specific topic, including coaching athletes, motivating client change, injury rehabilitation (for particular injuries), back pain, etc. They offer 90 minutes of targeted education. I usually host one such webinar each year; we often invite guest hosts from outside of the Academy as well.

2. What’s the plan for in-person courses? Will they be held online due to COVID-19?

Answer: We are adjusting our courses in several ways to meet the challenges of COVID-19.

HLC1 is already offered as an online course; this is an option for all Year 1 students.

HLC2 is now being offered as a virtual course, conducted live and online.

Regarding our IMS courses, we are in the process of determining the best way to change them to meet the demands of a COVID-19 world while still maintaining our educational standards. These courses typically require hands-on training.

Here is our current plan. In 2020, the first three days of our IMS courses will be devoted to theoretical material. All of this will be taught virtually, live and online. Students can attend the theoretical component in person i