As you know, alchemy is really important in my life.

Our students get introduced to it in CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaching (HLC) Level 2, then receive a much bigger dose of it in my CHEK 4 Quadrant Coaching Mastery Program.

Often, I feel more like an alchemist at times than anything else…

Long ago, alchemy began as a working mythology of converting common metals like lead into precious ones like gold, and its practitioners very well could’ve been some of the first psychologists in the world too.

However, Carl Jung is really the one who β€œbroke the code” of alchemy by demonstrating how it was a very comprehensive and coded practice of spiritual development.

Alchemists described the fire they used to conduct their experiments as a child that needed to be managed constantly.

This fiery description certainly make sense when you look at alchemy from the lens of your metabolism, given that the human body generates roughly 30 billion biochemical reactions a second, with many of them being very temperature-sensitive.

If your body temperature rises above 98.6 for an extended time, you’re fighting off an invasive organism or infection. But, if it drops too low, you may experience a metabolic issue like hypothyroidism.

Taking that metaphor one step further, the human body itself is a vessel that requires fuel to stoke the metabolic fire inside us all.

In my video, I’ll share some basic 4 Doctors know how to help you better manage biological alchemy so your metabolism keeps firing as it should on all cylinders!

Love and chi,