I’m very excited to share this final part of my Seven A’s of Healing series with you because it’s about affirmation, a subject I really love, believe in and do every day.

When we’re taking affirmative actions, we’re confirming to ourselves and the world around us what we value in positive ways.

Actually, your life is a living affirmation, but what are you really affirming? Are you really conscious about what you’re affirming in the world?

Or, like most people, are you living unconsciously and wasting valuable personal resources on things that ultimately eat away at your ability to accomplish your goals, dreams and objectives?

As you know by now, this series is based on the concepts Dr. Gabor Maté shares in his excellent book, When The Body Says No: Understanding The Disease Stress Connection. Dr. Maté describes two ways of affirming that are essential for healing.

One way is to affirm your self or I as an individual as a point of consciousness in the universal or divine mind.

The second is being connected to the universe that affirms everything that allows your self to exist.

Your values are also an affirmation, an important concept I discuss a lot in my book, How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy! The values you live and breathe every day are codes of conduct that clearly define what makes you happy.

Living your best and most authentic life doesn’t mean things will be smooth sailing for you. You may not always have peace and tranquility in your relationships, and your bank account may be overdrawn from time to time. These fluctuations can and will cause hardships and doubts.

By practicing affirmation, we stay connected to the bigger picture and something far greater than ourselves.

Love and chi,