What does unconditional love really mean to you?

A lot of people get mixed up about unconditional love in an ego-programmed way, one of several concepts I share in part 3 of my series on miraculous living.

For some ego-driven people, the expression of unconditional love becomes a Mexican finger trap because they mistakenly believe the giving of it creates a condition.

The β€œsecret” to unconditional love is pretty simple. Unconditional love isn’t meant to be shared sparingly or only with certain people, but given freely to everyone and everything.

Understanding this single concept will help you recognize the thin veil between us and everything else and be more eager to share it in harmony with the universe.

You’ll also see how Dr. Quiet plays a major role in wielding the power of unconditional love and healing and learn an exercise you can use to harmonize with it.

Love and chi,