Have you ever thought about why you wanted to be a trainer or healthcare professional?

Was it because you didn’t like being told what to do by your bosses in the past? Was it because you wanted more control of your time? Was it because you thought it would be fantastic to have a job doing for others what you loved doing for yourself?

Maybe it was all of these things. No matter if it is one or all of these reasons, many trainers soon find themselves being told what to do by a manager, gym or clinic owner, i.e. a boss.

If you’re being told what to do by someone else, no doubt you’re having problems finding quality time for yourself or looking for more work as a trainer, which requires taking another job and repeating the same cycle in two places (or more) all over again.

And, while splitting your time between different gyms, how do you begin to market your services and keep more of the money you rightfully earned?

Trainers are most often either overworked and underpaid professionals or underworked and underpaid professionals trying to juggle their education, job, family, friends, and lives. Unfortunately, that means many of you are living the same kind of lives you were trying to get away from before becoming a trainer!

In this two-part series, I will introduce you to some tried and tested methods for creating what you really want, not what you don’t want.

The Role of a Trainer is Leadership

PaulPresenting_Blog-300x200The world is kind of funny when you get up close to it and really look at what goes on every day. Most trainers can’t train themselves, most managers can’t manage themselves, most educators don’t practice what they teach, most preachers don’t practice what they preach, and most politicians don’t follow through on what they promise!

Typically, we attract into our lives what we are, and see in others what we need to correct in ourselves. This is the one part of the Law of Attraction.

Being a trainer is a grand opportunity to be what you wish others to enjoy. By definition, a trainer is a leader and leaders are expected to lead.

Each moment you spend with your client, you are in a state of being. Your being is typically their becoming. You are leading, training and teaching them how to (or not to) live.

Effective Leadership Comes by Example

PaulDonalTaiChi_Blog-300x282Basically, we are only about 2.8 percent genetically different than our nearest biological relatives the chimpanzees. Chimps, in the fashion of most monkeys, learn best by watching, which is where the saying “monkey see, monkey do” probably comes from.

Not surprisingly, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Human beings are predominantly visual learners too. When you finally decide to hire a trainer, you typically choose him or her based on liking what you see.

However, many trainers believe that choice is made because they are the most qualified. (I’ll discuss why that’s not usually the case later.)

Fact is, the letters after your name on your card may as well spell LOOK AT ME!, because it is no more likely your clients understand your professional credentials any more than you would those of an accountant or film editor.

Here’s where the Law of Attraction works for you.

Like attracts like:

  • If you look the way your potential clients would like to look, you will attract them.
  • If your demeanor is likable to them, you will attract them.
  • If your current clients start out looking like they do, and after training with you end up looking like they want to look, you will attract more clients.

Opposites attract:

  • If you have an abundance of energy and they don’t, you will attract them.
  • If you are disciplined and they regularly see you exercising, and they have a hard time with discipline but know they need it, you will attract them.
  • If you manage your diet and body shape effectively and they have a hard time with food and their body shape, you will attract them.
  • If you are compassionate with your clients and they lack compassion in their lives, you will attract them.
  • If you spend time listening to your clients and actually hear them, prospective clients will hear about you from others, and, feeling the need to be heard, you will attract them.
  • If you are female and the prospective client is male, you are more likely to attract them. If you are male and the prospective client is female, you are more likely to attract them.

The First Example You Must Set is for Your Self

PaulDeadLift_FB-300x212No, your self is not a typo.

Not clear yet? Hold up your hand and look at it. Now, tell me whose hand that is. My hand is the standard answer.

So, who is the My looking at your hand? My is a possessive, indicating that you are not your body, but are a spiritual being expressing itself and experiencing consciousness in and through the body you were given.

In other words, it is your self that you must first please above and beyond your parents, family members, friends or society.

Whenever your efforts are for others, and not for your self, you are losing your self to the desires of others and therefore, are living their life, not yours! Typically, such behavior leads to fatigue, depression, anxiety and progressive loss of self-worth.

What’s more, if you’re living a lie or marching to someone else’s tune, besides losing your self, you have little motivation to be the best at that false life.

When you honor your self, love your self and live true to your self, you are always attuned with your higher purpose. Attunement with your self releases an inexhaustible energy supply.

For the first time, you will begin to understand how great people like Jack LaLanne, Rudolph Steiner, Gandhi and others were able to do so much for themselves, and for humanity!

So how do you get there? Find out in part two!

Love and chi,