When people get started in the fitness profession, they are exposed to lots of theories (unless you’re a CHEK Academy student) like the benefits of using a foam roller.

Examine the research and you’ll learn pretty quickly that the positives and negatives run about 50-50. About half of the experts (like me) will recommend foam rollers enthusiastically, while an equal number of qualified people oppose them due to concerns a client may ruin their fascia while using one.

So what do you do with all of that conflicting information?

That’s a sign you’ve come to a point in your life Rudolf Steiner calls the birth of the Awareness Soul. It starts with a mineral soul, then the biological soul and finally the intellectual soul, better known as the ego or a collection of other people’s ideas.

Once you recognize that you can have two equally qualified teachers with diametrically different points of view about the same subject, who do you believe and how do you proceed?

Based on my 37 years of experience as a health professional, you’re going to be exposed to A LOT of contradictory information from the get-go.

In my video, I’ll show you how and why staying in touch with your Awareness Soul helps you understand the difference between what’s practical and true or not true, based on your own hands-on experience, for you and your clients.

Love and chi,