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Primal Pattern Movements Correspondence Course

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Primal Pattern® Movements: A Neurological Approach to Conditioning

How to leverage Motor Engrams to help your clients get stronger, faster, leaner and recover from their injuries…

In this e-learning course, Paul Chek will teach you a holistic approach to conditioning and rehabilitation that centers on the motor engram – a set of instructions stored in the brain to perform a specific movement.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create a base conditioning program that effectively introduce out-of-shape clients to exercise
  • How to build “Smart” muscles vs. just big muscles
  • How to discover the optimal motor engrams for your clients based on their needs
  • How to use motor engrams to create powerfully effective programs – whether your clients have NEVER exercised before or they are elite athletes

You’ll also earn CEC’s/PDC’s for passing the course – NASM 0.5, ISSA 5.0, Cooper Inst 3.0, AFAA 5.0, BCRPA 5.0, Fitness Australia 5.0.

Normally this e-learning course sells for $99, but we want to empower you to help your clients reach their health goals – whatever they might be…

…which is why Paul is going to teach you these techniques…

…all for just $4.95.

Yep, Just $4.95

Literally, for less one of those “healthy” shakes at a gym, you can learn techniques that will truly sync your programs up with your clients’ needs in a way you hadn’t imagined.

You will get faster results and longer lasting results with your clients…

And avoid potentially embarrassing “rookie” mistakes that can injure clients and crater your practice.

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