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The CHEK Academy is designed to teach you a unique, integrated approach to health and performance that will provide you with powerful assessment tools. You’ll understand your clients physically, mentally and emotionally, their goals, and their deepest sources of motivation in ways that enable you to create highly tailored and incredibly successful programs for them.

It’s an opportunity for you to create a career that is fulfilling and financially rewarding!

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Welcome to the CHEK Academy

The CHEK Academy offers an elite health and performance curriculum unlike anything you’ve seen before – designed to tackle the toughest rehabilitation challenges, smash through athletic performance plateaus and create life changing health and vitality.

1. Cutting-Edge Working Knowledge

Learn Paul Chek’s cutting-edge holistic approach to health and performance.

The CHEK Academy is the only institution in the world where you can receive an integrated education in nutrition, anatomy, exercise, stress reduction, coaching, and personal success.

2. Maximise your Contribution

You have a deep interest in helping people. But what’s the best way to do that? There are so many educational options out there, most students have no idea what path is best for them.

They hop from workshop to workshop trying to discover where they belong, never truly actualizing their potential or building the career they want for themselves. That stops here.

At the CHEK Academy you will learn to align and focus your skills, experience, motivation and passion for health toward your personal mission – all in an effort to maximize your contribution