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We are thrilled to invite you to a very special C.H.E.K Institute guide to overcoming Pattern Overload – a common soft tissue injury every trainer needs to be able to recognize.

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How to Overcome Pattern Overload

The CHEK Guide to Training Clients with Pattern Overload

Pattern overload is a very common injury to soft tissues resulting from repetitive motion in one pattern of movement, and learning to recognize it in your clients is crucial to helping them reach their health goals.

Unless you learn to diagnose pattern overload in your clients, it’s all too easy to make the injury worse, derail their progress and ultimately lose them as a client.

In this quick and effective guide, Paul Chek will teach you:

  • The 3 most common causes of pattern overload
  • How to diagnose pattern overload in your clients
  • The relationship between pattern overload and joint health
  • 4 Program Design techniques to help your clients avoid and overcome pattern overload

The guide also walks you through key anatomical concepts and provides you with detailed examples to understand those concepts in action.

The skills you learn will quickly become an important part of your toolkit, and both your clients and your practice will thank you for it!

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