CHEK Academy

Your First Year with the CHEK Academy

Our top priority is to provide all CHEK Academy students with a perfectly balanced learning structure.

Each component of the Academy curriculum* is timed throughout your academic year to help you wring out every drop of knowledge from our courses, books, videos and workshops, while protecting your ability to keep a busy schedule.

* If you have already purchased materials included in the curriculum, their cost will be deducted from your Tuition Fee.


October 2020 | Laying the Groundwork

Your Base Study Period starts in October and will be your main focus for the first 6 months.

How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy! by Paul Chek

The second edition of Paul’s best-selling book includes an updated preface, with the 4 Doctor Approach explained and integrated into the “How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy!” program. The Zone Exercises have also been updated and the rotation diet explained in more depth.

Paul’s book will help you identify your individual health and performance needs, and explain how to address issues that may be preventing you from looking and feeling your best. Paul reveals fascinating research and airs controversial topics while providing practical suggestions for achieving peak vitality.

Anatomy & Physiology Online Workshop

The purpose of the Anatomy & Physiology Online Workshop is to ensure that all students gain the relevant background knowledge assumed in the three correspondence courses that are to be completed by the end of the year.

For many this will be the first time this fascinating and crucial subject for a CHEK Professional is covered in depth. To others it will be a refresher into the subject and will ready the students for the advanced human-function education ahead.

» 90 min Mentorship Call: Group Welcome Event

November 2020 | Put Your Back into It

Movement that Matters by Paul Chek

Movement that Matters covers the body’s five different reflexes and how to determine the dominant reflex profile of your client. You’ll learn the importance of static and dynamic stability, how to determine if an exercise is functional based on the six defining characteristics, how to evaluate a compound movement and identify its Primal Pattern movements and the difference between open- and closed-chain exercises.

Additionally, Paul’s book includes a number of techniques for optimal motor learning, making this component of the curriculum an invaluable addition to your education and your practice.

Scientific Back Training

Scientific Back Training

You will receive the Scientific Back Training correspondence course via the e-learning platform. The program covers the functional anatomy of the torso, extremities and inner and outer unit, and their relationships to spinal health. You can look forward to learning:

  • How to use a control system approach as part of a comprehensive, holistic program for prevention and resolution of back pain, and joint range-of-motion assessments on the lower extremities,
  • How to apply the principles of functional anatomy when selecting stretches and exercises,
  • Proper exercise technique and selection for program development and more.

» 90 min Mentorship Call: Anatomy & Physiology Q&A

December 2020 | Move the Needle

Program Design

You will receive the Program Design correspondence course via the e-learning platform.

A key skill for any fitness professional is being able to design individualized exercise programs that will lead to optimal performance for all types of clients; this correspondence course is designed to teach you how to do just that! You will learn how to combine and manipulate acute exercise variables; not just reps and sets, but also loads, tempo and rest periods. Periodization concepts are covered and case histories are used as illustrations, bringing real-life examples to help you understand the role of every critical factor in a truly holistic program-design paradigm.

January 2021 | Hard Core Focus

Scientific Core Conditioning

Scientific Core Conditioning

You will receive the Scientific Core Conditioning correspondence course via the e-learning platform. It is the most comprehensive, in-depth course available on this subject.

Expand your knowledge of the abdominal musculature and its biomechanical relationship to the entire kinetic chain, when applied to the prevention of back pain, maintenance of good posture and optimal sports performance.

» 90 min Mentorship Call: Program Design Concepts Review

February 2021 | Let’s Recap!

Online Workshop: Integrated Movement Science Level 1 Prerequisite Review

You will be issued access to the second online workshop via the CHEK Academy Portal: Integrated Movement Science Level 1 Prerequisite Review.

This four-part online workshop will cover each of the prior three e-learning courses and practical applications for assessments and exercises you have learned within Program Design, Scientific Back Training and Scientific Core Conditioning. Please revisit these 3 e-learning courses before attempting to complete the IMS Level 1 workshop.

» 90 min Mentorship Call: Movement that Matters Review

March 2021 | Getting into the Zone

CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 1 – Live, 3-Day Advanced Training Program

HLC1 lays the foundation of the Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Program for you, focusing on effective techniques for attaining optimal health from the inside out. You will gain the ability to implement the techniques regardless of your experience prior to joining the CHEK Academy. You will use your own case history in order to learn how to apply Paul’s assessments, build more tailored approaches to diet, and practice energy-building Zone Exercises. You will learn how to identify common problems that, if not quickly recognized, can become roadblocks to success, such as ineffective exercise programming, poor nutritional habits, stress, hormonal imbalance, and gastrointestinal disorders.

Each day includes practice of Zone Exercises that positively influence digestion, circadian health, stress and much more.

Session Options: HLC 1 Online, San Diego (US), Lancashire (UK), and Sydney (AUS)

» 90 min Mentorship Call: Integrated Movement Science Level 1 Prerequisites Review

April 2021 | Welcome to the CHEK Pro Community

This is where your CHEK Academy Base Study Period ends. Six months in, and you’ve learned so much already!

Online Workshop: Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 Review

This workshop will equip you in your pursuit to apply the knowledge from the HLC level 1 program to your own business. Learn how to plan a coaching session, what information to cover, and what the most common client roadblocks are.

Upon completion of the HLC1 Review Workshop, you are officially recognized by the CHEK Institute as a CHEK Trained Professional. At the end of the workshop, you will receive a PowerPoint presentation you can use to promote your business.

As a CHEK Trained Pro, you can add your profile to CHEK Connect so customers can find you online. Additionally, you will be eligible to attend for free the Monthly Webinars and Monthly Q&A Coaching Calls provided by the CHEK Institute. Additionally, we will keep you in the loop with topics under discussion and reminders to register your attendance.

» 90 min Mentorship Call: My CHEK Journey

May 2021 | Learn How to Learn

PPS Success Mastery Program Lesson 7: How to Learn

The journey to our dreams requires that we learn new skills, and it’s easy to get bogged down in courses, webinars, seminars, manuals and journals. PPS Lesson 7 is all about making your learning process as efficient as possible so you can get to the real business of achieving your legacy.

It’s all about getting as clear as you can about exactly what you need in order to develop a system of learning that reflects your unique learning style.

In a nutshell, many of us went to schools grounded in learning methods that simply didn’t fit with our psychology. This lesson is focused on discovering the learning technique that is right for you and making the most of it.

» 90 min Mentorship Call: HLC 1 Principles Review

June 2021 | Make It Your Business

Creative Business Online Workshop

You will be encouraged to use your creative brain and your logical brain to build your perfect business.

The workshop is split into four sections. After each one, you will be guided to complete an assignment with the purpose of moving your business forward. Once completed, you will submit your assignments to the CHEK Academy Coordinator so they can be reviewed by one of our business mentors. You will receive personalized feedback.

» 90 min Mentorship Call: Getting Ready for CHEK Integrated Movement Science Level 1

July 2021 | Bone Up!

Primal Pattern® Movements

You will receive the Primal Pattern® Movements correspondence course via the e-learning platform.

Today, despite the fact that we have more medical, sports and exercise technology and more doctors per capita than ever in history, we have more orthopedic injuries in almost every category recorded! It doesn’t have to be that way. Paul Chek shares his unique approach to preventing orthopedic injury and improving performance through nutrition and optimal motor engram programming.

» 90 min Mentorship Call: Creative Business Q&A

August 2021 | Learn by Doing

Integrated Movement Science Level 1

Integrated Movement Science Level 1: Holistic Corrective Exercise and Performance Coaching – Live, 5-Day Advanced Training Program

After attending the IMS Level 1 Training Program you will be able to administer individualized exercise programs for all types of clients. Correct technique is emphasized throughout the course, with plenty of hands-on assistance from the CHEK Faculty.

Using the CHEK Institute’s unique system of assessing physiological load, developed by Paul Chek, you can determine the amount of physical and emotional stress placed upon the body. Trained in this system, you will be able to implement results-producing programs that enhance your client’s function and overall well-being.

Session Options: San Diego (US), Austin (US), New Jersey (US) Toronto (Canada), London (UK),Lancashire (UK) Aarhus (Denmark), Auckland (New Zealand) and Sydney (Australia).

September 2021 | Congratulations!

This is not the end, but the successful completion of your initial commitment to improving yourself and the world. See you next year!

Integrated Movement Science Level 1

Online Workshop: Integrated Movement Science Level 1 Review

Following successful completion of the CHEK IMS 5-day advanced training program, you will join us for an online review workshop, designed to help you implement what you’ve learned in your practice.

» 90 min Mentorship Call: Year 1 Review online meeting

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