CHEK Academy

CHEK Academy Year 3 Schedule

The CHEK Academy provides students with a perfectly balanced learning structure.

Year 3 is designed for students who have completed the Integrated Movement Science Level 2 and Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 2 Advanced Training Programs. In the third year of the CHEK Academy, every individuals will complete Integrated Movement Science Level 3 and the CHEK 4 Quadrant Mastery Coaching Program, making the 3rd Year Graduate the perfect fit for a clinical rehabilitation setting.

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October 2020

Marketing & Social Media Campaigns Online Workshop

This workshop is in three parts after viewing each part you will be given an assignment which moves your business forward. Once completed the assignments are to be submitted to the CHEK Academy Coordinator so they can be reviewed by one of our business mentors and personalized feedback given to each student.

November 2020

Holistic Health and Performance for Women

We all know that there are important biological differences between men and women, and yet there remains very little in the way of courses dedicated to understanding how to train women for health and performance.

Designed by Sara Gustafson (a high level CHEK Practitioner), this in-depth course is devoted to helping students develop a deep understanding of women’s hormonal cycles and the Jungian archetypes that embody the essence of feminine energy in its truest forms. With this firm foundation in place, students are taught to design holistic health programs that are truly tailored for the needs of their female clients.

» 90 min Mentorship Call: Marketing & Social Media Campaigns

December 2020

Breathing, Posture and Movement

Practical Applications of Breathing, Posture & Movement

In the CHEK Holistic Totem Pole System, respiratory function is looked at as one of the first priorities for all CHEK Practitioners to assess and correct when working with their clients.

In this comprehensive 60-minute minicourse, Matthew Wallden – Osteopath, Senior CHEK Faculty Instructor, and renowned, international speaker – will teach you the essentials of breathing mechanics, as well as the effective assessment and exercise techniques for optimal breathing that are part of Paul Chek’s unique Holistic system.